In the works of the last several years I propose an intimate corporeal reading of sculpture through spotless geometries and naked volumes that arouse a dialogue of the body with the work. The precise edges and outlines that define these sculptures and reliefs seem to blur their achromatic nature and gravitas, imparting an aura of quietude and timelessness to the ensemble, while giving them a light and ethereal quality - weightless and immaterial in spite of the imposing dimensions of some of the works. Quiet but potent with energy, these shapes and forms penetrate, modulate, and mutate from one to the other, from negative to positive, from repose to motion in a sensuous inter-dialogue.
In my most recent series of sculptures titled “Erotes” and “Lingam” - from which a suite of photographs reveal singular moments of the same work with subtlety and sensuality – I remit, be it by their titles or by their forms, to archetypical erotic expressions of desire that reinterpret languages of 20th century Avant-Gardes.